The Web Email Spider is software which finds out Email IDs from internet through Websites, URLs and Search engines.
You can search Email Addresses online by typing the keywords of your related search. Suppose you want to search Email IDs of best caterers in your city. Then you have to just type the keyword and it will provide you the list. If you have the URLs you can make a direct search.
The Web Email Spider has a feature of ‘URLs digg up to level’. You have to go in the option and type 1.This will only provide the Email Addresses of the links given in the first page of the link provided by the user. By this the user commands software to search up to a certain point not further than that. So that you get only the information you need.
This software has the ability to extract Email IDs by filtering them. It removes the irrelevant email addresses which are not useful to the user. This means you will not have to go on finding out the important Email IDs for you. This software would do it. There are some more features which make it different from others. This software also saves the data which you downloaded in which ever format you like. It gives you option of saving the data so that you can open it in Microsoft (.CSV) or in Notepad (.TXT).
Web Email Spider
Web Email Spider
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Web Email Spider
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Key Features:

  1. Extract Email Ids from website URLs and search engines like Google, Bing. Etc on Internet.
  2. Extracts Email Addresses Online through website URL and search engines.
  3. Extracts through popular search engines like Google, Bing,, etc. and also updates them to get the best results every time you search.
  4. Extract Email Addresses in bulk from multiple Websites.
  5. Filters the information so that the user gets significant information.
  6. Remove duplicate while extracting.
  7. Save the data in any format you want .CSV (Microsoft) or .TXT (Notepad)

System Requirements:

  1. win10/win 8 and win7/ Vista/ 2003/ XP/ 2000/NT
  2. .Net Framework 4.5