The Outlook Email Extractor software is created to Extract Email Addresses from files in Outlook. It has the ability to Extract Email IDs from .PST files (Microsoft Outlook) and also from .DBX files (Outlook Express). So it is not dependent on the versions of outlook user has. The software will work for both of them.
Further you can also Extract Email IDs from different folders like inbox, outbox, sent, deleted, etc. This means if the user wants Email IDs from different folders separately, he can have it.
There are some key elements of this software which make it different from other ones. This tool is suited with filters which are fitted for a certain kind of job. Its job is to remove the irrelevant data which are of no use to the user. There does not stop here. They also separate the duplicate and original ids. So that the user can distinguish between them and choose the correct ID.

The Outlook Email Extractor can also save the data downloaded in which ever format the user wants to. It can save the data both in .CSV format to open in Microsoft and in .TXT format to open in Notepad.
Outlook Email Extractor
Outlook Email Extractor
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Email Extractor Outlook n Express
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Key Features:

  1. Extracts Email IDs from files of Outlook.
  2. Extract Email IDs from both PST files of Microsoft Outlook and DBX files of Outlook Express.
  3. Extract Email IDs separately from Inbox, outbox, sent, deletes, etc.
  4. Extract bulk of Email IDs in an amazing speed.
  5. Filters which take out the data which is not so necessary.
  6. Splits the original and duplicate IDs. So that the user can distinguish easily.
  7. Saves the data in both .CSV and .TXT formats.

System Requirements:

  1. win10/win 8 and win7/ Vista/ 2003/ XP/ 2000/NT
  2. .Net Framework 4.5