Website Email Spider

is a tool designed to pull out the Email Addresses with the help of URLs. It can extract email ids in a large number and also at an awesome speed. You can give number of URLs and it will give you the email addresses from all of them.
The software is fitted with filters in it, which helps in removing the insignificant Email Addresses. So that you get Email Addresses which are of your use only saving a lot of time. It also gives you the Email IDs which are original by removing the duplicate one. So this is multi-tasking software which does the work for you in large number and also save your time.

There is an option of ‘URLs digg up to level’ which provides you a facility of setting up limit to your search. Suppose you want to search the Email IDs of all the links provided in the first page of given URL. Then go on that option and in the column set as 1. After setting this whenever you will make extract of Email IDs it will just search the IDs of the link provided in the first page not further than that. This facility is to choose how much amount of information you want.
The Website Email Spider also saves the data for you in the format you want to. You can save the downloaded information in either .CSV format (Microsoft) or in .TXT format (Notepad).
Website Email Spider
Website Email Spider
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Website Email Spider
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Key Features:

  1. Extracts Email IDs from Website/URL.
  2. Extract Email Addresses from particular website
  3. Extract Email Addresses from same Domain, the whole web page or only the web.
  4. Filter which removes the unimportant data and only provides the useful.
  5. Remove the duplicate Email Addresses and only give the original IDs.
  6. Saves the data downloaded to any format .CSV (Microsoft) and .TXT (Notepad)
  7. It is the fastest and advanced tool.

System Requirements:

  1. win10/win 8 and win7/ Vista/ 2003/ XP/ 2000/NT
  2. .Net Framework 4.5